August 6th

August 5th

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Throughout their long and storied career as one of the most iconic emo acts of the new millennium, Hawthorne Heights have overcome many obstacles to eventually earn TWO Gold albums, The Silence in Black and White and If Only You Were Lonely


Hawthorne Heights hits the stage as the Summer Concert Series continues at Portneuf Health Trust Amphitheater in Pocatello on August 5th and Expo Idaho in Garden City on August 6th.

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Hailing from Middleburg, FL the members include brothers Ronnie and Randy Winter, Josh Burke, Joey Westwood, and Jon Espy. Over their years as a band they have achieved Gold and Platinum certifications from the RIAA as well as hundreds of millions of collective song streams world wide. They have toured extensively both in arena festival settings and headlining tours around the globe tirelessly never taking an official Hiatus or band break up that entire time (16 years). They are family owned and operated as well as having success both signed to a Major label and independently. Though widely know for their song “Face Down” released on Virgin records in 2006 the band actually only received Billboard Rock Chart # 1 status after leaving Virgin in 2011. In that time frame (post Virgin 2011-2019) the band achieved #1 SEVEN times completely independent on Billboard’s Christian Rock Radio charts! This has allowed the band to have both fans of the old and new music and ensured a longevity that the band regards as it’s most precious achievement. “I Love the feeling that I get when I see the look on someone’s face in the crowd who loves the new album and then we start up Face Down and you see them realize we are that same band.” said front man Ronnie.