The MAvericks

July 30th

Artist bio

The Summer Concert Series is bringing a Latin flair to Idaho with the
announcement of back-to-back shows in Pocatello and Boise featuring The Mavericks, an eclectic
rock and country act are known for crisscrossing musical boundaries with abandon.
The band’s catalog of critically-acclaimed hits is as diverse as Latin America itself and as cohesive
as the ideal of the American melting pot. To season The Maverick’s rich musical paella, they sprinkle
flavors of salsa, ska, norteño, and mariachi on top of a sturdy rock/country base, resulting in a solidly
Latin foundation with streaks of irreverent rock and twangy guitars running through it.
The Mavericks will bring their unmistakable sound & style to Idaho as The Summer Concert Series
continues at Expo Idaho in Garden City on July 30th and Portneuf Health Trust Amphitheatre in
Pocatello on July 31st.
Tickets are available Friday, June 17th at 12:00PM at!